Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Perfect List of Snacks

I will admit, we haven't been eating a lot of new, creative fun foods recently.  I've been trying to keep it simple so we have stuck to a lot of plain meals or stuff I've already posted.

So, New Years Eve.  We love to have snacks.  Past years I've done soup and then snacks but, really, that's a lot of food.  Instead, I planned a variety of snacks that we ate at 6:30 for dinner and then, everyone could snack on whatever they wanted the rest of the evening. 

Now, here's the other thing.  I was burned. out. on. cooking.  I told Darryl that I didn't want to cook anything - just buy premade stuff.  He said . ."ok!" LOL  I did end up doing a combo of both which was perfect.

So, here's our almost perfect snack list:

Bacon Crescent Wraps - this recipe goes way back.  Like 20+ years I've been making these and we love them. 

Mini Pigs in the Blanket - These are simple yet so tasty. 

Apples and Homemade Caramel dip  - this dip is just cream cheese, brown sugar and vanilla so it was super easy.

Chicken Drummies - These came out of a bag in the freezer from Schwans (Thanks to Nana).  A new favorite and so easy to make.  Josh loves them :-)

Mozzarella Sticks - I bought the TGIFridays brand and they were soooo good!  For real. 

Mini Quiches - I purchased these, and have in the past, but this time, neither Darryl nor I were impressed with them.  I won't buy them again. 

I also had Corn Chips and Spinach dip, Tortilla chips and Queso Dip, cheese and crackers, and a can of spray cheese for Darryl (which is also the boys favorite things HA) 

Guess what, I didn't even bake a thing.  I bought some holiday Lofthouse cookies (they were on sale!) and some mini cupcakes that we love. 

Look, no pictures :-) HA!  I meant to take pictures of our spread but I never even got the camera out.  I can tell you that I plan on trying out various new recipes in the coming weeks from main dishes to snacks to lunch ideas.   You will probably see this list of food again in a few weeks at our annual Superbowl Sunday Fun Food day so I'll take a picture  . ..maybe ;-)