Thursday, February 5, 2015

February Goals

There are 11 months left in the year :-)  It seems like a really long time until Christmas but my kids are already telling me what they want for both their birthdays and Christmas and they cannot wait for those months (Oct and Dec) to arrive!  So, I figure that I had best get busy on my goals :-)

1. Basement - Ok, I need to tackle this project this month.  I picked up a great shelving unit on sale at Menards at the end of January to help with organization in the laundry room.  I also picked up two packs of the rubber flooring I want to put in the playroom side - I will need more but I wanted to put the first 8 pieces in to see if it will really work.  (It's inexpensive - about $8.00 for a four pack) So, really, I just want to spend about 20-30 minutes 4 days a week on it until it is done.  This includes going through bins again and cleaning stuff out, getting rid of junk that just keeps sitting around, and fixing up some chipped paint on the floor to reseal it all.

2. Bedrooms - This month the deep cleaning rooms are the bedrooms and the playroom.  This just means a lot of dusting, touch up paint, cleaning out closets and organization/clean out of toys.

1. Curriculum for 2015-2016 - I have my list and now I just want to use February to go through it and narrow down my choices as well as come up with my budget plan.  My goal is to have all of our curriculum purchased by June so that I can use June/July to plan and prep for the next year.

2. Paper Organization - clean out the filing cabinet and organize the drawer by kid/grade.  I want to have a basic portfolio of their work put together in the case we ever need to put them in regular school.  Just to show what we've done and how they learn.

3. Friday Fun - plan fun activities for Friday based on the seasons and holidays. Also, plan field trips.

Daily Routines
Continuing with the daily routines that I put into place in January.

1. Still want to get that membership for the Children's museum.
2. Take the boys to the Pirate Exhibit - we actually have this on the calender in February already :-)
3. Vacation planning - need to really do some planning, as well as reserve some camping spots.
4. Play games, play games, play games :-)  And, if we get some good snow - take them sledding.
5. Write down the serial #'s from electronics.
6. I need to take time to go to the eye doctor :-)  It's been 7 years and I think my contacts have reached their limit HA!  I'm thankful that so far, Darryl and the boys all have good eyes!  
7. Plan and do a small overnight trip for Nate - we kinda missed doing something special for his birthday and he hasn't forgotten that fact.  I want to take him to a hotel with a water park - he really wants to go to Chicago but that will have to wait ;-)
8. Take the dog in for the couple of shots she is due . . .
9. Get the boys birthday photos done (yes we are a little behind) . .. before they start losing teeth!

1. I still need to recap Christmas for myself.  I also need to plan a budget for 2015 so we can not be stressed this year when we hit December INCLUDING budgeting for Darryl to take extra days off. 
2. Set up a Christmas Present storage plan.  Here's the deal.  I already have a Christmas present for Nate.  A friend of mine was selling it so I picked it up for next to nothing.  So, what I want to do is take a photo of it, put it in a folder on my computer with a #, then wrap the gift and the same # on it.  Then have a bin in the basement to put those gifts in.  That way, I CAN pick stuff up along the way throughout the year.
3. Darryl's birthday is the main focus this month - I have a plan in place, just need to get the details all perfected.
4.  Make some St. Patrick Day fun plans.  Just the normal green themed ideas.
5. Birthday Board plans.  I would like to accomplish one task for our birthday week plan.  Last year I pretty much just did the Birthday shirt and pillowcase but now I want to add more.
6. Pick up 4 objects for the Christmas Countdown - this can be a big expense because even buying $1.00 items means $50.00.

1. Quiet time - continuing on with my daily devos and prayer journal.
2. Finances - Plan the February budget, set up savings funds, put my planned amount in the boys savings account.
3. Music - practice piano.  Looking specifically to have at least 2-3 songs ready to go.  Also need to find a good Easter song just in case I have the chance to sing ;-)
4. Scrapbooking - I've lost my focus a little, which happens when I don't get to crops on a regular basis.  So this month I want to wrap up 2013.  I also want to order 1 set of digital prints to work on my goal of getting all of the digital pages printed.  I need update my goals and projects.  I need to refocus on what I'm missing such as page protectors and albums to complete projects.  AND set up my scrapbook stuff so that I can grab stuff and work on it when I have time.
5.  "Just One Thing" - I'm implementing a new thought this month and it is called "Just one Thing".  I've made a list of random things I would like to get done this month - everything from changing out some art work in the Kitchen and Hallway to plan a simple month menu that rotates every single month to make shopping easier.  I won't share the whole list here but will share it in March when I accomplish it all (hopefully!)

6. Misc - I continue to have my 4 goals that I'm not sharing :-)  So, I just want to continue work on those too.