Thursday, October 3, 2019

October Goals

It's time for October Goals!  After a pretty great month last month, I'm hoping to do even better this month :-)  Or at least accomplish just as much!

I have, again, this month just a list of things to accomplish!  

1. Set up Nate's trophy's and TKD belts.  We "moved" Nate into his "own" room this summer - really just his stuff moved, he still sleeps in his old room.  He's been waiting to have display shelves set up for his stuff for over a year so my goal is for it to happen this month. 

2. Go through my "mystery bag" in the bathroom HA!  I have a Meijer bag that I shoved a ton of stuff into a while ago (I think from my truck last spring!) that I need to clean out! 

3.  I need to do a basement clean-up.  Yes, it is still organized but just some things that need to be put away again. 

4. I have to sing at church this month so I need to learn my song and I also want to find a song to Sing at Christmas time. 

5. Move the campers - We have to move my mom's camper out of the campground to our house and then move our pop-up out of our driveway.  

6. Order 2 months worth of photos

7. Complete October 2014 in scrapbooking

8.  Decorate for fall - indoors and outdoors (if it ever stop raining!)

9. Mow the grass "one last time" (I say that tongue in cheek because one year we had to mow again the day after Thanksgiving!).  

10. Finish out October in school current.  We are current right now but I want to stay that way and maybe even be ahead! 

11. Have all of Nate's birthday gifts ordered by the end of October (his birthday isnot until the end of December).

12. Find boots for the boys.  I think that is the only outdoor "supplies" I have to get the boys. 

13. Finances - just like last month, the goal is to stick to our budget and not spend extra - or spend as little extra as possible.  I also have a very small "savings" plan in place to put some funds aside for the Holidays.

14. Deep clean the kitchen.

15.  Deep clean the Josh's room.

16.  Deep clean Nate's room

17. Clean out my truck (still hasn't happened due to all of the rain!) 

18. Take the AC units of the windows

19. Have the boys clean out their old candy by Halloween (that's our rule!) 

20.  Plan a couple family fun activities (Such as get the pumpkins, carve pumpkins, go to a improve show, go to the observatory, ect) 

21. Plan the classes I plan to teach next semester