Saturday, November 5, 2011

Menu Post - November 5

One of the many things I enjoy about being part of "blog land" is getting inspiration to do something that you have either never thought of before OR something you have thought of but just couldn't pull together on your own.  Last month, I followed (even ever so slightly) the monthly recipe post from Confessions of a Homeschooler and fell in love with the whole idea.  Her wonderful word document (which is able to be edited) is fantastic.  I have tried many times to do a monthly mean plan but, in my normal over planning ways, I couldn't do it BUT now, I have done it!  I so love this idea because I can save it and, a year from now, the planning will be easier because I will already have a November plan.  I'm so excited about this concept.  I love having our tried and true favorites every month and then having some days when I can rotate others that we like but aren't our all time favorites.  Plus there are some that are better for the summer and others (like Lasagna) that are only good during the cold months!  This will also weed out some more recipes that we don't really like!!  I still have room for some new recipes - if we LOVE them, they will stick around and if not, they will not be seen again!

I'll still post my weekly menu but I will also link to our monthly menu plan which also includes links as well our breakfast and lunch plan (plus snacks too)   The lunch ideas are lunches we actually do - I love the rotating schedule and it makes my life so much easier!  The snack concept is something new - planning out the snack for the afternoon.  I'm going to try it this month and see how it works.

Now, on to this weeks menu:

Saturday:  Saturdays are the night that my husband and I like to get something after the kids go to bed.  We budget for this and, since it is local and to go, it is less than 15 bucks for both of us.  This week, our plan is to use a gift card that Darryl got from his employee to Subway.  It is only for $8.00 (enough for him to get a meal, technically) but with $5.00 subs, we can almost eat for free!  The kids are having Mac and Cheese (because they LOVE it!)

Sunday:  I'm finding that I like Italian on Sundays - it is easy to prepare the day before and cooks quickly.  We go to early service (9;30) and are home by 11:15 meaning I actually have time to cook something!  Anyway, we are having Lasagna, Layered Salad, and Garlic Bread.  Sunday evening we will have Tacos :-)  Yum!

Monday: This is the day it is just the kids and I so I'm really working better at having meals that are not only easy and kid friendly but that I like too :-) We are having Chicken and Cheese Quasidillas and Chips and Salsa

Tuesday: A new favorite - Breaded Chicken, Parsley Potatoes, Peas and Crescent Rolls.

Wednesday:  This is my "iffy" night - Sometimes Darryl makes it home and sometimes he doesn't so I need meals that are easy, but also things that are filling for him too.  This week we are having the Ham and Cheese Quiche and Homemade Cinnamon Bread.

Thursday: Taco Stuffed Shells, Rice and Green Beans

Friday: Darryl and I are having dinner with the pastor and his wife from the church we've been visiting so dinner is up to them.  The kids will have a babysitter and will get pizza!!