Monday, February 23, 2015

Make It Monday - A Book List

February is almost done and I haven't even made my new "Books I've Read -2015" Pinterest Board.  I'm so behind ;-)

I thought I would share what I'm pulling out as my book goal for March.  I know, I share goals at the beginning of March but this list is always a little different and more in depth.  I decided that I would look at what I have loaded on my kindle and pick 4 non-fiction books I'd like to read through by the end of March. 

This book was recommended by another blog that I read.  I'm hoping it is as good as she said it was!

I started this book awhile ago as part of a Bible Study but never finished it.  I'm going to pick it back up and get through it.
This is another book that I started as part of a group but never finished it (I see a pattern!). 

I also started this book awhile ago but got distracted with life and never finished it. 

I don't list my fiction books because those are so easy for me to read!  I do have a handful on my Kindle that I need to read before I buy more though! 

What are you reading?