Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot

Welcome back :-)  Sorry about last week and, for the record, I did not make the cut for the Follies.  No harm, no foul though - it will save us money in a babysitter and tickets for the concert!! Now, on to the fun stuff!

If it wasn't so much work, I would completely decorate my entire house for fall . . .and then for Christmas but, lets be real, it is a ton of work.  That doesn't keep me for looking at great fall ideas though! 

The first one is from Craft-O-Maniac.  I'm not such much a "skull" kinda girl but I really love the little candy corn bags.  In real life, this would make a great decoration for my dining room table.  I bet if I go cut a branch off of my big old ugly bush tree, it would be dead in time to use it for this craft.
As you have figured out from other posts, we have a classroom!  One of the things I've been trying to figure out is how to give the boys each a place for crayons, pencils, scissors ect.  When I saw this idea from The Happy Scraps, well, it is quite honestly, perfect.  She also gives a few other ideas.  I hope I can find these at my "local" Target!
I totally fell off of my wreath wagon and after the total fail of my wreath in March I haven't made another one BUT when I saw this Halloween wreath from Crafty in Crosby I had to share.  I REALLY want to make this one so I'm thinking a few trips to Hobby Lobby with a coupon might be in the works.  (Shoot, I might make my husband stop on his way home for work - won't he love that? HA!)
Alililly is sharing a free Halloween printable and yes, I've already downloaded it.

Every year (ok, it's only been 3 years) I say I'm going to make my kids Trick-Or-Treat bags and I never do.  I saw this idea over at Enjoy the Journey.  She claims they are easy so . . I think I might have to actually do this.  I have two months . .which is plenty of time and I think (maybe . . ) I have some Halloween Fabric I never used on a past project.
I'm not a crafty person - I only craft because I see other people's ideas first so when I came across this post at Second Chance to Dream for 15 Fall Children's Crafts, well, I could not pass it by.  We may not make many of them this year but they will go in my fall idea folder for future years.
I think that gives you plenty of ideas to keep you busy until next week!  Happy crafting :-)