Saturday, August 23, 2014

Testing out the Camper

For years we've wanted to purchase some sort of camper and who would have thought that the time one "fell in our laps" would be when Darryl was off work recovering from surgery.  We had a very very low budget but wanted something that was nice that we could use for years.  Well, that's hard to come by, let me tell you.  We had already resigned ourselves to not getting one until next year when maybe we could increase our budget slightly when a friend of ours heard we were looking.  Turns out her family purchased a pop-up quite a few years ago because she loves camping.  Now, though, her kids are grown and don't want to go and her husband is not a camper.  It hadn't been used in two years and she offered to sell it to us for the amount we had said we had to spend and she included everything in it.  That alone was incredible as it included things like an outdoor rug for under the camper canopy, a mini-fridge, cooking stuff, and more.  So it was really a "God thing" - he worked out the details, the financing and even how to get it to us (my parents!)

A few weeks ago I needed to set it up (to make sure I remembered everything my dad taught me two weeks before!) so that I could go through everything, reorganize it and also go through out camping stuff and make a list of what we need for camping.  Because we were setting it up, the boys wanted to "camp out". 

 Our camping "home".  It's fabulous (and over 20 years old!) and in near perfect condition.  The boys all have jobs that they do including the fact that Josh turns the crank to set the whole thing up!  We plan, Lord willing, to have this camper for a good 10 years.  By then the boys will be almost full grown and us old people will need to get a small camper that we don't have to set up HA!

 The boys had a blast (yes, they had been swimming before setting up the camper). 
 A view from the inside.
 Darryl with his brace :-)
 The boys moved in HA!  Sleeping bags, pillows, stuffed animals and flashlights.
Darryl tried out the bed with pillows, extra quilts and even more pillows . . .but we discovered he needs some cushions to sleep on so we'll be hauling the couch cushions with us when we camp HA!