Sunday, May 11, 2014

Things my kids say

* Yesterday, while reading a book about camping, we learned that Jason and Nate go camping quite frequently and really enjoy it.  No, I have no idea who Jason is but he is a very good (imaginary) friend of Nate's!

* We had some spring thunderstorms during the night recently so I ended up with Josh (who is very scared of storms) and China, the dog (who is even more scared of storms) in the room with me.  Once we were up in the morning - Josh needed to process his thoughts.  First, he asked me if I was scared of storms when I was little, which I was.  So then he said, "So when the storms came you would go sleep with dad?  And then Nate and I would too?  Because Dad is super brave and he was really old - he was 25." hahahaha I find it so humorous how to kids, we have always been together even when we were kids :-)

* My dad gave a perfect description to Josh and Nate recently. Nate lives outside the box; Josh lives inside the box . .. unless Nate pulls him out and makes him play with him HA!  It is so true!  Josh is my realist and Nate, well, his imagination is far greater than anything I've ever seen!

* We've been talking to Josh about obedience a lot lately - mostly because when we tell him to do something (or not do something) he has to do it one more time just to try and prove he is in charge.  Well, recently he stopped as he was heading outside and said, "Mom, I'm almost big enough to obey all the time.  Really, I'm old enough today so I will obey from now on and never ever disobey".  While I appreciate his sincerity I highly doubt I have a life full of obedience in front of me with that kid :-)