Tuesday, June 21, 2016

End of the Year Party

One of the things I have enjoyed about Connections Academy this past year has been the interaction with the teachers.  The school plans great field trips every month and we were able to take part in a few of them throughout the year.  The last trip - a big party - was held this past Tuesday and it was so much fun.

 Josh with one of the first grade teachers.  She stole the boys hearts at the very first field trip and they both considered her "their" teacher even though she just taught writing every other week.
 Nate's K-5 teacher.

 There were tons of activities for the kids to do - they loved the parachute and beach balls.
 Josh with his teacher. 

 Some of the other things they kids got to do was feed the fish along the boardwalk, play in bounce houses, play on a huge playscape, chase butterflies (ok that's just what Josh did above!) and swim in the lake. 

The day ended with a picture of everyone who attended.  It was a great group of homeschoolers and we had an awesome day!