Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snowman Craft

I saw this idea originally over at Confessions of a Homeschooler and knew it would be a great craft to do with the boys.

We tackled this at the end of a preschool unit at the beginning of February and the boys loved it.  I think they loved it most because we got to use "blue!" (I.e. glue hahaha)

You will find a full list of supplies through the link above but this is our version!

Before we started this craft, I drew the snowman body on the blue paper.  I also cut out the hat, nose and buttons so the boys just had to follow some simple instructions . They had to find a white crayon (or a "whipe" crayon ;-) ) in the bin and draw snow on the ground around their snowman.  They then had to find a brown crayon and draw the stick arms.  Finally, they got to use the glue and paint the bodies (we use paint brushes to paint on glue - it keeps the HUGE puddles of clue from forming.)

I love their finished products.  The boys ages and personalities really come out in an art project like this.  Nate's is the top photo - he thinks outside the box and is still very abstract.  Josh's is the bottom piece of art - he stays inside the lines and follows directions pretty closely with just a little flair of his own.

This is such a fun easy project for the kids and, depending on their ages then can do more (or less) of the project on their won.