Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!!

Normally I post "Happenings in this House" and "Creative Memories Spotlight" on Saturdays but . . .well. . we've been a little busy!  The kids when to the grandparents house on Thursday so I took full advantage of that time to clean . .. .steam cleaning carpets, rearranging bedrooms, cleaning out toys - you name it!  This went on until Friday afternoon when I heading to a scrapbooking crop and cropped for 5 hours, came home and slept and than got back up and went scrapbooking for another 6 hours!  BUT 2008 is DONE YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!  I feel like I can finally start cruising towards that "getting current" goal.  Darryl and I took advantage of our freedom lonely time without children, to go out to our favorite place for dinner - Duke's - and than we came home and worked on our hobbies for a few more hours (He worked on music and I . . .scrapbooked LOL)  Than we took a drive around the back roads of town and got Frappes because, well, we could :-)  And now - it's time for bed since we have to get up early and go to an Alive concert tomorrow in a land far, far away . . Holland.  (Michigan that is LOL).  So. . .my two normally scheduled posts will have to wait for tomorrow . . ..

PS . . The Creative Memories Post is a GOOD one - you'll love it, I promise :-)