Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot

Boo! I'm really struggling right now finding great ideas that I love, that I want to make, and that fit into my lifestyle.  I've always loved this post because there is so much fun stuff out there but . .. if I can't find it, I can't share it!  I may have to do what I was trying NOT to do and that is share ideas from Pinterest instead of ideas that people actually post on blogs.  I'm going to give it another week and see what I find!!

A few ideas of Thanksgiving Crafts :

I've been looking for some fun Thanksgiving type things to do with the kids - one a day for something fun!.  I love this simple idea from Racks and Mooby for making Turkeys.

Another great turkey craft - this one is from Crafty Journal.
Also from Crafty Journal is this simple paper plate Turkey Craft.

Maybe I'll actually have posts to share about making at least one of these crafts!