Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Few Random Articles

Periodically I come across a few articles that I enjoy and like to share.

The first one is one that my dad posted recently on his Facebook Page from Christian Mom Thoughts concerning elementary Sunday School.
 5 Changes Elementary Sunday Schools Need to Make…ASAP

Ironically, I had just had a discussion with my husband about an area in church that I feel like is failing.   Guess what it was?  The Children's area!  What is always pushed is to have a great youth pastor and a great youth program.  Don't get me wrong, focusing on the youth is a great thing but I think in doing so, it is often at the cost of the Elementary programs.  Personally, I think if a church would focus more on their Children's ministry - the ages from about 3years to 6th grade, the youth program would grow itself.  Think about it.  If the children's programs are grounded and teaching those kids how to live the Bible and not just Bible stories; and if those programs bring in fun activities that reinforce those truths and well, are just fun; and if those programs involve the parents in various ways I believe several things will happen.  One, the church will grow.  Parents that involve their children in church and, therefore are involved, will attend.  It is harder to drop off a 3 year old for church than it is to drop off a 15 year old.  Two, the youth group will be "home grown" - a vast majority of children who have loved being involved in that well planned children's program will be excited  to move up to the next level.  There are so many things that those elementary kids can learn and be grounded in before they ever reach the youth group which would in turn, make for a stronger youth group and teenagers who might actually love church :-)  But, that's just my opinion :-)

On a separate note, a friend of mine posted this article from Dallas Moms Blog concerning changing your wardrobe.
Hater's gonna hate.

I've never had a huge wardrobe but I like the ideas the author talks about and also the numbers she gives for what you really need.  I'm really posting this more as a reference for the future for myself as anything else :-)