Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happenings in the House!

We had a wonderful week with lots of little things thrown in for good meause - a new car, a family fun day, a little bit of the stomach flu (ok that isn't so wonderful LOL)!  So . .. here's some pictures from the Happenings in this House this past week.

 On Tuesday, we made a trip to the doctor for Nate to have a check-up.  Both boys loved playing in the sad little play house that is in the corner. 
 Than from there, we headed to the dealership to check on a car for Darryl . This is what he ended up getting - a 1995 Grand Am.  It is actually really nice and is in better condition than a lot of newer cars.  He's pretty happy with it (and so am I!)
 Ummm .. Just Josh :-) LOL
 If you have followed me for long, you will start to see a pattern with this boy and his PJ's.  I think I know what he is going to be when he grows up.  Can you guess?  I say a life guard - he likes to take his clothes shirt off.  What where you thinking??
 Darryl had an audience while he shaved on Thursday morning.  Than, Josh got to use aftershave and brush his teeth with dad.  He was pretty excited to be part of the whole process.
 Before you go any further in this post - take a real good look at those baby curls; all of that adorable fine sweet hair . . . .mullet and all.
Because . . .. Nate got his first haircut on Thursday. And he D.I.D. N.O.T like it LOL  Wow.  He was screaming so hard he broke into a sweat. And so did we !!!  I was singing all kinds of songs and Darryl was clapping his hands but it was all to no avail.

 How sad is that super adorable face???
 And there's the new haircut - such a little boy!!
 Our next stop on our family day was the Golden Coral for lunch - it was a buffet place that Darryl had wanted to try.  Josh loved it because he got to pick out his own food. 
 Nate decided he loves onion rings LOL
 Than we finally made it to the Children's museum for the first time and the boys loved it.  We were there for well over two hours and they weren't ready to go!
 Josh wasn't into fishing but he used the fishing poles and wood blocks as drums.  We were pretty impressed and he went from one log to the next keeping perfect rhythm.
 And, of course, he found the train set.
 This was one of Nate's favorites - it is like a giant Light-n-Bright.  He did great at putting the pegs into the wall too.
 He also liked the elevator. 
 How Cute is that kid???
 Hahaha - we were "sneezing" and knocking down the towers we built.  I laughed so hard at Josh which made him laugh even harder.
And I'll end with this one . .. this is how I found him this morning . . .the pattern continues :-)

Hope you all had a wonderful week too :-)

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