Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Tiny Home Craze

Most of you have probably heard about the whole Tiny Home Craze. When I watch the shows on HGTV I'm always amazed at how people can go from a 2-3000 square foot house and live in 200 square feet with a compost toilet.  I think the whole concept started with people wanting to go "off the grid" (thus the compost toilets) and then it was glamorized and others tried to take on the concept.  I was watching an episode of Tiny Homes the other day and it was a 20 something woman who bought a super tiny home on wheels and parked it in the driveway of her parents 6000 square foot home.  So, she had access to everything she needed yet could claim she lived in that 150 square foot . .. trailer.  HA!

Well, I was recently wasting spending time on Pinterest when I came across this photo.
Isn't it pretty?  It's considered a "Tiny Home."  I laughed out loud as I read the article because this Tiny Home is 1,091 square feet of living space.  Why did I laugh?  Because our living space is . . .1080 square feet HA!  Now, I will give a tiny bit of grace (haha . . tiny . .get it?) because I think they count the porches in that square footage but still.  I had no idea I lived in a tiny house??    It's actually a beautiful home that you can read about over at  Tiny House Town.  I wouldn't mind living in this house, to tell you the truth - it's gorgeous.

So, could you live in a Tiny Home?  I could . . .oh, wait, I already do!!  What I see is that people who live in large homes, think it would be "fun" to live in something tiny whereas those of us who live in small homes, wish for just a little more space.  In reality, I know that we should just be is, content.