Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coming Home

The boys, after being gone for two weeks, finally came home on Monday, July 7th.  Wow, two weeks a long time but I was sure glad that they had so much fun at my parents with VBS, swimming in the neighbors pool, and taking rides on their big wheels.  I think they were a little excited to get home though and got right into playing with their stuff and, of course, swimming.  They also have enjoyed having their dad home every day all day. 

 Darryl has to spend quite a bit of time laying down so he and the boys love playing games on the Ipad.  They love passing different levels and yes, all get extremely excited about it!

The boys are also so helpful - they will get Darryl's back brace and walker for him, often without even being asked. 

 Darryl also is supposed to walk as much as possible so he and the boys take 3-4 walks a day.  The boys love it because they get to ride their bikes around the neighborhood (super fast!) which, considering they aren't allowed to leave the driveway normally, that is a huge deal. 

We took this walk one night after baths so they just looked too cute in their PJ's and Mohawk bike helmet zipping down the road.  For the record, I do tend to do at least one walk with them but, honestly, the other walks, I really enjoy the 10 minutes of solitude :-)