Sunday, July 24, 2011

Menu - A New Post each week and some Randomness

Once upon a time, I was posted our weekly menu on the side of my blog but it didn't work for me :-)  I didn't like how it posted or that it took work to put links up so I didn't do it!  I've seen this idea for a weekly menu post on a few different blogs; I like it obviously, since I'm going to do it!

The funny thing is . . .this weeks menu is totally up in the air!!!  We are coming off of a family reunion so I haven't been to the store and I don't feel like going!  I'm going to do a "use what we have" week. 

Monday: Left off Pulled Pork from the reunion.  (We were going to have left over Cole slaw but . .. the bag it was in was over packed so when my husband grabbed it out of the car . . .the bowl broke through and now the Cole slaw is in my driveway HA!) 

Tuesday: Left over Beef Brisket

Wednesday:  Beef Strogenoff over Noodles

Thursday:  Spaghetti

Friday: I have no idea - more than likely we will grab a pizza

As far as sides - we have some frozen veggies to use, Tatar tots, lots of boxes of pasta, and some hamburg buns to turn into garlic rolls.  I'll also be making some banana bread to use for breakfast and probably some peanut butter cookies. 

Other random thoughts.  What a fun weekend we had!  I feel like I've been running like a mad woman since Friday morning and am just now stopping so I'm behind my game right now.  Therefore, my posts my not make it up like normal :-)  I enjoy posting alot . .. but I also have some things to get done (like unpack from the weekend!) 

Here's hoping for some cooler weather this week !