Thursday, February 7, 2013

ABC Books

Earlier this year, I saw a great idea on Pinterest about making an ABC book for your kids out of things at home.  It was a concept that I loved and knew I wanted to put together.  I had so much fun taking photos for these books and putting them together.  Trying to find create ideas for each letter of the alphabet that were also important to the boys in order to make the books special.
Aren't those awesome?  The covers are photos that truly reflect each of the boys personalities.  Here are a few sample pages.  For the most part, the pages are the same but I did incorporate some individual shots that were specific to each of the boys to make the slightly different.

Aren't those awesome?  You can see with the "W" page how I used photos of the boys from a trip to the beach to make their books personal.

So, how did I do this?  First of all, I created all of my pages in my Creative Memories Software.  It was super easy.  Then I uploaded the books to order them and nearly fell off my chair at the cost.  There was no way I could order the books.  I was slightly disheartened but started looking around and finally found a way to import my pages into Shutterfly and create my books.  The best part is they had a buy one/get one deal so the cost was actually doable.

I will admit, the kids did not go head over heels about these books like I thought they would but I do catch them "reading" them which makes me very happy.