Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Preschool Fun and Ideas

Welcome to my first "installment" of Summer Preschool.  This week I thought I would share two of the boys current favorite games.

First up is Wedgets which are stacking blocks.  I have the 30 piece Starter Set and just recently picked up some beginning building cards.  The boys love to try and make the towers that are on the cards (and keep telling me we need more pieces!). I actually bought this over a year ago and they have just now started to play with it so I do plan on buying a few more/different sets to add to our collection.

 Second is a great game that my sister-in-law just passed on to us and it is called Zingo.  It is a Bingo/Matching game and is perfect for my 3 and 4 year old. 

Another game that the boys play at the library that is the next on my list to purchase (and I will buy two of this game because BOTH boys love it) is Rush Hour. It is a matching/building game. 

This week the boys played outside quite a bit despite the infestation of Mosquitios in the area.  We are thinking of buying stock in bug spray :-/.  We have sprayed our yard, which has helped, and the neighbors are going to be spraying theirs as well so hopefully it won't be too bad.  

I've been working on my prep work for June and July and hope to have that done this coming week.  

Are you writing a Summer Bucket list?  That is one of my goals.  To write ours out to make sure that we get to the beach as many times as possible, go on hikes, get ice cream, and more!!  I hope to be able to share our list next week :-)