Monday, January 6, 2014

Homeschool Corner

Welcome back to Homeschool corner!  We are starting back into our school routine TODAY!  Wow!  We took a few months off, first because I was taking care of my husband and then because we did special things for Christmas.  I've spend the last month or so organizing everything and trying to get things into a setup that would actually make it easier to keep up with things.  I've printed, filed, and prepped.  I've laminated, cut, and added magnets to little puzzle pieces.  I've even organized my pinterest boards related to homeschool to get stuff ready to actually use.  Added to that I've been working on stuff with the homeschool board getting ready to start classes in a couple of weeks.  We also want to get swim lessons started so I need to get Nate signed up for his first round . .. . WHEW!  And it is only January!

Funny thing . . . .  Due to a big snow storm . . . We are taking today off and starting school tomorrow. That is the nice thing about only planning a four day week!