Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumpkin Waffles

We had these for dinner:
Pumpkin Waffles!!!  They are so yummy :-)  Ok, I did not make the Spiced Whipped Cream that is included in the recipe but for company, that would be fun to make too!  I found this recipe here, at Women Living Well.  Check it out - the full recipe and pictures are all included (Why recreate the wheel, right?!)  I will be making these again!

*Just an FYI - this makes a LOT of waffles.  I made three and probably could have made 5-6 more.  Next time I will cut the recipe in half since there are really only two of us that eat a whole waffle right now :-)

Things I am Loving

I like to post about things I'm loving because I think being Thankful is a good thing!!  Plus, who knows, maybe you'll discover something new to do by seeing what I love!

Frozen Hot Chocolate - you can find the recipe here.  These are SOOO good!

This is our school basket!  Josh has learned that our books, crafts, games, CD's and videos are all in the basket for the week.  He loves to get it down and pull stuff in and out for hours :-)

This smells incredible!  I love it!!!  My whole house smells like this after a shower :-)

I am loving these quilts and so are my kids!  My mom "threw" them together a few weeks ago and I like to keep them in the living room.  I'll lay them out on the floor and the kids will play on them for quite a while.  Josh likes to "count" the buttons and Nate likes to try and find his toys in the midst of the colors.

And last but not least, who couldn't love this weather?

Show us your Life Fridays - Kitchens

This week over at Kelly's Korner, on Show Us Where you Live - it is Kitchen Day!  You check out her post here along with all the link-ups

My kitchen is the one room in my house we haven't updated in anyway but it is my winter project!!!

This is the view into my kitchen from the dining room.  It is also the main entry into our home - through that big, bright slider.  I love all the light that brings in but hope someday to put in some french doors instead. 

This is the view from standing in front of the slider.  I actually like the set-up of my kitchen and I have quite a bit  of storage and counter space I just don't care for how it looks :-)  I am planning on painting the cupboards, putting in a new countertop and laying a new floor (or should I say "my husband is" :-) ).  I do LOVE my fridge - our very old one died this summer and we were able to get this beautiful Stainless Steel beauty.  I love having the fridge on top - so much handier!!

So that's it :-)  I do have a dishwasher - it is in the corner of each picture - it's a portable.  Once that days (hopefully several years from now - not something I'm hoping will happen soon!) we plan to actually install one.  So, lots of plans for this kitchen, yet it is overall a great kitchen :-)