Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Back To Life

The last few weeks have been filled with birthday plans, crafts, cleaning, and preparing for the big "2"!  It was a huge success, if I say so myself, but I let a lot of things slide!  No "school", my cleaning schedule was put on hold a little, scrapbooking was put away and not even looked at, and it goes on.  Now, I have one week to pick up the pieces before it is time for the "Holiday Rush" which I'm hoping to not make so "rushy" this year.

Here are a few things I learned in my birthday party planning:
1. Remember to plan for the little family actual birthday plan:  don't forget the cupcakes and to wrap the gifts! 
2. Plan the food for the party weeks; no months, in advance and divide it up over all those weeks so you can buy the food and not break the bank :-)
3. Try new recipes before the birthday (don't worry, I didn't do anything really new but my original plan did!)
4. Remember, when planning games, don't forget some funny prizes :-( (At least I had the Halloween Candy!)
5. Charge the Video Camera :-)

Considering that we have another party in just 2 months, these are things I'll put into practice right away!

How am going to make the holidays not so "rushy" this year?  I have something called a "Holiday Control Journal" that I am putting into play.  I promise to share it :-)  It has all my plans for the holidays from cooking to cleaning to decorating!  And yes, I start decorating November 1st and finish up right after Thanksgiving with the goal of being able to enjoy December with outings, crafts, and family time. 

Which is why, this week, I really have to work on getting lose ends tied up.  Everything from creating some outfits for an upcoming photo shoot from what we own since I really can't buy anything right now to figuring out when we can go Trick-or-Treating based on the town schedules to organizing my mess of craft supplies after the mad rush to get some things done.  I also need to focus on my scrapbooking more than crafts for a little bit and try to get caught up.  I really want to have 2008 done by year end so I can get 2009 printed (it is done digitally!) and put into an album and get 2010 done too (it is partially done digitally too!)  So many things to get done.  I also HAVE to get our lessons going again, I have some new ideas to throw into the mix and want to use this week to get the next 4-6 weeks completely planned down to the list of needed supplies (and yes, I'll share those plans too!)

WHEW!  Are you tried? I am so I had better get busy to get all this done!

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16

Day 16- Dream House

I do not really have a "dream home" picked out.  I don't have a file full of photos of rooms or anything like that but there are some things that I would love to have in my home.

I would love to live on the water, in a home with tons of windows and lots of light!
I would love to have a grand staircase in my home.
I also love the log home style of home.
I would love to have a huge master bedroom (that overlooks a pool!!)
Don't forget the "to die for" bathrooms.

And a big kitchen with an island
But for now, my dream home, is right where I am.  In my little 1000 sq foot home with my husband and two boys :-)  I could I dream of anything better?

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