Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot!

So, I made sure to get on the look out early this week for ideas :-)  Here we go!

I haven't seen many wreaths lately but when I saw this one from Love Sweet Love, I wanted to share it!  It is easy and inexpensive to make; it is definatly on my "wreaths to make" list!
You may recall that at some point over the course of this blog, I've mentioned that we love the beach and that I might even redo my living room eventually and have it be more of a beach theme so, needless to say, I had to share this great beach themed mantel from Creative Carmella
One thing I love looking for is new ideas to use with my kids.  Here is a simple idea from Happy Go Lucky that uses some contact paper, a cookie sheet and then anything you want to put a magnet on!
Happy Go Lucky also gives a clear tutorial on how to make this Grocery Shopping game. 

Don't forget that father's day is  just around the corner.  It's always a party at the Parkers has put together a nice list of links for easy ideas that are all very creative.

I love clocks.  Period.  Maybe I need intervention? HA!  Needless to say, when I saw this idea, I fell in love.  Maybe in my next house I'll have a place to have a little "study" or "library" and I can make this to put in that room!  This idea comes from A creative princess.

Delightful Order shares an easy idea for making a candy arrangement for dad's for Father's Day.  It could also make a great birthday gift or even a centerpiece at a holiday party. 

Over at Clean and scentsible, she shares two great ideas for Father's Day.  One is an adorable canvas that would look great in an office (if your hubby has one!) and the other is a great memory book that would be fun for older kids and would make any dad feel loved.  My husband is on the road so for him to have a book like that to carry would really be something nice :-)  (I will say that I already know what I'm doing for Father's day but, sorry, I won't share until AFTER because my hubby reads my blog sometimes!)

I really love what Landee See, Landee Do did to her garage steps (and I'm intrigued by her wall of bins so I will have to return to read about that!).  You could do this idea on entrance steps (Welcome to our Home) or on basement steps (Carry it up, or Carry it down, just don't set it . . down - or something corny like that!)

My boys enjoy helping me do whatever I'm doing, including cleaning, so when I saw this cute bucket idea from City girl gone coastal I was quite impressed :-)  Kids like to have their own things and this is perfect!

That's all for now - much better than last week!!  Enjoy your week and don't forget to get craft :-)

21 Days of Prayer Challenge - day 7 - Servant's Heart

Welcome to day 7 of the challenge - we are already 1/3 of the way through!  This one is short and simple - lets pray for our boys to have Servant's heart.  "The Greatest among you shall be your servant" Matthew 23:11

Today's challenge is to pray the 10 prayers in the servant's heart chapter.

Do you need motivation to keep going?  Take time to sit with your boys today and, depending on their age, play with them or do something they enjoy (video games, get on that skateboard, or ask about what they are reading)  It will soften your heart to what your purpose is - I spent several hours this morning playing trains with the boys and it showed me how much the love just hanging with me! 

Praying for each of you through this challenge as well!