Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer Plans Week 2

A week and a half ago or so I wrote about our summer plans.  Well, here it is at the end of week 2 and it's time to share some plans - what was planned and what didn't happen as well as some photos!

The plan for June 3rd-June 9th was as follows (what we really did is in red!): 

Sunday - Book club for me!  Followed by seeing my oldeset brother share his missionary update at a church in Grand Rapids. This was a fun outing - getting to see and hear my brother and sister-in-law share their hearts about their mission is always such a proud moment for me.  I totally planned to just take a quick photo with my phone but . . .the battery died just before we got to the church!  Boo! 

Monday - Haircuts for the boys!   We are going to have a picnic at a cute park afterwards to celebrate the little princess' last day of school! This was a perfect day for the park - cooler and breezy!  
 This was not technically our last day but close enough - when you homeschool, any day can be the last day right?  Hard to believe that Josh will be in 4th grade! 
 And Nathan is heading to 3rd grade! 

The park is always fun but we tend to avoid it once the summer heat hits!  Having such a perfect weather day was great.  

Tuesday - I have a leadership meeting for our homeschool group in the morning. Today went just as planned :-)  Nate came with my to my meeting to hang out with some other kids while Josh stayed the night at my mom's so he didn't have to go. (Well, he actually jus tlikes hanging out with her at the camper HA!)  

Wednesday - It's the munchkin's last day of school so I have a few fun things planned (like silly string and squirt guns!)  Well, sometimes you just have to accomplish life so today I did laundry and went to the grocery store!  I never picked up the silly string or squirt guns so instead we all stood on the porch and cheered with the munchkin got off the bus HA!  We did have some family fun tonight though! 
 Josh and Darryl eating Ice Cream and talking Minecraft. (Nate was already playing on the playground since he is not an ice cream fan)

Yep, we enjoyed some icecream from Mooville and summer drive with all the windows down :-) 

Thursday - Head to Cascade Fountain to have a picnic and play in the water fountain.  This is kind of like our "kick off" to summer! The weather has been a little cooler lately so we stitched and went to the Airport Viewing Area to have a picnic and watch the airplanes.  

Friday - A craft!  So here's the truth - even when I planned my summer calendar and put a craft on this date, I knew we wouldn't do it.  Why?  I'm getting the boys and I ready to leave for a wedding and getting stuff ready for Darryl to stay home.  Instead, we made another trip to the laundromat and then I worked on packing and getting things set at home.  I'm planning to do this particular craft at a later date :-) 

Saturday - The kids and I are heading out of town for a wedding! I'll post lots of pictures from our wedding weekend this coming week!