Thursday, November 3, 2011

What I'm Reading

This week, I finished up organizing my library.  Oh, my poor library!  I am so thankful that years ago I took the time to make a master list of my books because over and over I've used it to organize my books when I've had to move them . .  and move them again . . .and again!   My book shelves had become a disorganize mess and I've been working, 15 minutes at a time, to reorganize them and make them easily assessable (not easy when I need about 6 shelves and only have 2!)  In doing so, I not only cleaned out quite a few books - mostly non-fiction items that were more resources and now, we use the Internet for that - but I found books that I haven't read yet.  Both fiction and non-fiction; a nice bonus I think!  I took all of those books and stacked them on one shelf so I can grab them easily.  With that in mind . . .this is what I read this week!


Finding Anna and The Longing Season by Christine Schaub.  (Music of the Heart Series)  Both of these books are very well written and tell the tale of two great hymns - It is Well with my Soul and Amazing Grace.  Finding Anna tells the story of the challenges face by the Spafford family - beginning with the Chicago Fire, tracing through their family live and then, walking them through the great tragedy that brought forth the words of that famous song, It is Well with my Soul.   The Longing Season tells the story of John Newton.  Personally, I didn't realize the life he lived as a slaver nor did I realize that it was love that brought him back from a life of sin.  It was a fantastic story surrounding the truth behind Amazing Grace.  If you are looking for some great stories - these are books for you.  The books, despite being a "series", do not lean on each other at all so you could read either or just one. 

That's all this week.  I just picked up a new book yesterday and will share about that next week :-)