Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Fun - Week 8

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I knew before this week even started that we wouldn't do a whole lot.  We were recovering from camping and getting ready for another weekend away. Here's an overview of our week.

Monday - It was heating up and, well, the pool was turning green.  I emptied the pool with the plan to fill it up in the afternoon but Josh specifically asked me to fill it up again so I did just that.  He loved using the hose to fill the pool, wash the sidewalk, water the flowers, and drink from it. 

Tuesday and Wednesday - Ummm, I don't even remember.  How sad is that?  It was hot and steamy and we just kinda hung out.  I'll be honest, I had plans for Wednesday.  I had planned to take the boys to do some grocery shopping and out to dinner but their behavior on Wednesday afternoon changed my mind.  I just think they were tired and tired of the heat -  just like me. 

Thursday - This was a very busy day.  We took China to the kennel, we went to the grocery store and they were, seriously, perfectly behaved.  They helped me gather stuff for packing, played in the bathtub and then enjoyed loading up and heading out. 

Friday - We were in Ohio.  I plan on posting about our trip later this week so that's it for this one :-)

I plan on working on August plans this week and really want to end strong - assuming the weather cooperates :-)