Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Too Cute Not Too Cute

I'm cheating on this first post but it comes from Pinterest but only links to a photo yet I love the saying and would like to make it and hang it outside at our entrance. 
This might be cheating too since this idea comes from an Etsy Shop but I am not against ordering something to add to our home :-)
Ok, so I guess my theme this week is "ideas that go no where".  This is another idea from Pinterest that doesn't have a working link but the idea is there.  This is going to be a winter project, I think, to find verses that I can put in unique places at kid level.
Wow, I didn't even try to do this but here is another Pinterest idea that goes no where but the picture is all you really need.  I'll be sharing this with my husband - it would really help us out in the garage.
That's all for this week :-)  Happy Crafting!