Monday, September 8, 2014

Homeschool Happenings Week 2

After taking Monday off, we got back to the books on Tuesday.  The boys were a little silly again but are slowing getting into a routine.  They love singing our Phonics ABC song and Nate asked several times to sing it throughout the day.

 This week, I introduced their Handwriting books.  Josh really has great control with the pencil so this is great review for him.  Nate is struggling with holding his pencil correctly so we are working on that skill alot.  Because of that, his letters are a little shaky but I'm already seeing improvement. 
 The view of the table while we have class.  The plan of doing our "Fred" Math first saving worksheets till the end of class has been great.  This allows the boys to work at their own speed without having to wait for each other. 
 Notice the tongue?  When he is concentrating the tongue always comes out.
One of the benefits of homeschool?  Going to school without your shirt on!  The boys love to be "shirtless".

Nate is my "bouncy" kid.  When we work at the table he literally bounces on his feet and it is a struggle for him to concentrate especially when it comes to handwriting.  He asked to move to the desk and he became a different kid.  He could sit still and finished his worksheet in 2 minutes instead of 20.  So, I have a feeling he may end up at the desk often.

In my planning I unrealistically planned that we would do some sort of craft/cooking/fun activity on Fridays - kinda like some science or social studies related idea.  Well.  by the time we get to Friday, we are ready to be done.  I need time to get things done; the boys just want to play; it's nice to just relax.  So this week, we didn't do anything on Friday - the boys enjoyed the pool for about 2 hours and, considering it may be the last time the weather is that warm, I'm glad they got to do that on Friday.  Most likely as the days get colder and winter keeps us in the house more, we'll add some fun activities on Friday afternoons but for now, the best thing for little boys is to play and play hard!