Monday, August 25, 2014

Homeschool Happenings - The First Day

Today, after a busy weekend of camping, is our first day of Kindergarten.  That is just crazy.  After lots of planning, changing plans and prepping plans it is time to get busy.  The boys are excited to learn to read, learn all about numbers, and have fun!  It seems odd that I don't have much to say today since it is our first day but I've shared what we are doing, the curriculum we are using and more in past posts so today is the "breathing room" post.  We are having "afternoon" Kindergarten as the munchkin will be going to afternoon preschool starting next week.  This will allow the boys time to play together and then allow me time to teach while he's gone and the princess is napping.  At least that is the plan :-)

So, next week I'm sure I"ll have lots to share!