Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This year, I wanted to be intentional with our Christmas plans so I picked a few key things to do on various weekends, made our plans, picked out crafts and other activities, put together our Christmas Countdown with little gifts, crafts, and activities and . .. forgot to plan time to decorate our tree!!!  Seriously.  So last week I looked at our calender and realized that this past Friday night was the only time we really had to decorate it and have it done sooner rather than two weeks from now.

The night started with Darryl and the boys making a trip to the store because, well, we had no lights for the tree.  See, last year I threw out our lights because I planned to buy LED lights for the tree.  (For the record we only had one strand of lights left working by the end of the season).  Then I kinda forgot that I threw them all out until, well, Friday.  They boys had fun though, so really, that's all that matters.

 Darryl worked on putting the lights on the tree (while the boys tried to play jump rope with them at the same time HA!).  We did put up our artificial tree again this year because Darryl wasn't really up to cutting one down as of yet but our plan next year is to 1)not forgot to plan to decorate the tree (geesh!) and 2) Cut one down. 
 Nathan waiting patiently to hang the ornaments.

The boys hung about 95 % of the ornaments this year so yes, our tree is very bottom heavy with ornaments, but it is the most beautiful tree ever.  They had so much fun deciding where to hang things and asking about special ornaments.