Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekly Menu

One post a week is something, right? :-)  I'm still trying to get my "groove" back with blogging.  Seems my focus is on other things right now.  My dad is still in the hospital so my weekends are spent there and during the week I spend Monday and Tuesday trying to catch up from the weekend and the rest of the week doing school. I don't mind though, there's no place I'd rather be than with my mom at the hospital with my dad.

I'm still following the menu plan from a blog I've found and I really like it.  It makes planning so much easier.

Saturday and Sunday - We'll be eating on the other side of the state :-)

Monday - Another night of baseball practice which equals about 2 hours at the field.  So, BBQ Meatballs, Mac and Cheese, Veggies and French Bread.  We eat a little early and get a small snack after practice.

Tuesday - Quiche, Homemade Bread and Fruit

Wednesday - Quick and Easy Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas, Chips and Salsa.  This was actually on last weeks menu but we didn't get to it.  (And the blog had Tuna Casserole on the menu for tonight - YUCK!)

Thursday - Seven layer Southwestern Salad and Rolls (To me, this is really Taco Salad!)

Friday - Quick and Easy Cheeseburger Pies, Potato Salad and Fries