Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Goals

It's the beginning of May and time to start on some new goals.  My main goal in April was deep cleaning and I'm pretty proud of myself.  No, I didn't finish every room but I did complete the kitchen, which included cleaning out some stuff that was old, seldom used or I had something else that would serve the purpose (for example - I had a small rice cooker; yes it was convenient for making some quick rice but we've found that we like baked brown rice better than white sticky rice so I got rid of that cooker! ); the bedrooms - moving the winter clothes out of the way for the summer stuff; the dining room got a good cleaning and organization; and the basement is pretty fabulous.   First I went through and put everything away and then I've been working on going through every single area and cleaning out the junk that has been laying around.  It looks pretty nice :-)  I still need to do the bathroom and the living room. 

So, what is on the radar for May?  Here's a short list!

1) Paint the living room.  This is a big, huge, gigantic goal but my kids are going away for a few days so I'm planning to paint that week.  We'll going to tackle one wall a day (or maybe two on the weekend!) and get it done.  The plan is to get the huge entertainment center out as well and move in a smaller one that I found. 

2) Deep clean the bathroom.  I have a huge storage cupboard that is not being used wisely right now so I plan on cleaning that out along with just general cleaning.

3) Planting - by the end of May, I want to get some flowers in and our little mini garden planted.  Nate has asked for lettuce, carrots and tomatoes this year.  Not that he eats any of it but he sees it in "Peter Rabbit" and wants to see it grow.  Not to mention sunflowers!!! 

4) Homeschooling - Even though we aren't doing classes right now, I'm trying to get some ideas going and ready for the fall.  Plus I'm hoping to attend the homeschool conference in a couple of weeks and (hopefully) pick up our curriculum books! 

5) Scrapbook - I want to get more done ;-)  I will be honest and say my plan for the time my husband has surgery in June while we have no kids in the house - I plan on scrapbooking a lot.  I have huge goals for that week and half time frame but I'd also like to get some things done now too.  Again, my kids will be gone for a week in May and, during the day while our extra friends are here, I'd like to scrapbook (leaving the painting for after they leave so it can dry by the next morning!

6) Decorating the living room.  We still have extra furniture in the Living Room until Darryl has his surgery but I'd like to start working on picking out photos for the walls and all that fun stuff.

7) Get my piano fixed.  I called on it last week but haven't heard back yet so I need to call again and see when the guy can get out here. 

8)  Fix the cushion on my swing outside - several of the ties have seen better days due to the wear and tear things take with boys.  Just some good solid ribbon sewed on will work wonders!

That should keep me busy ;-)