Friday, February 1, 2019

Weekly Menu

So for real, I'm starting at Aldi's and finishing at Meijer this week.   After Josh and I did our little "walk through" last week one night, I now know there is a lot of stuff I can get for less money then at Meijer.  With that in mind, here's the grocery list for the next week.

Friday - Zuppa Soup - this is a carry over from last week.  I'll make Chicken Nuggets for the boys since they do not like soup.  Plus we'll have yeast rolls too!

Saturday - Baked Teriyaki Chicken legs (Josh requested these again!), baked potatoes, and a veggie of some sort - I'll see what I have here

Sunday - Today is the superbowl! So, here's the plan.  After church it will just be simple food - Frozen pizza/Mac and Cheese - whatever is in the house.  Then for game time we will some good food/snacks.  Shrimp Cocktail (thanks to my mom supply extra at New Years!), Sausage Snack Wraps (a family favorite), Chicken Nuggets (more for the kids), Cheese and Crackers, and maybe some fruit and dip.

Monday - Baked Ziti, Garlic Bread, and Broccoli

Tuesday - Chick-Fuy-Lay Nuggets and Fries

Wednesday - I "think" we will finally make it back to AWANA after three weeks of cancellations!  If so the boys and I will eat easy here or get Taco Bell.

Thursday - Tonight is Piano night and dinner is difficulut since we are gone from about 5:15-6:45.  Which means we aren't eating until 7:00.  So, I'm not sure.  Ideally, we would have leftovers but looking back at meals this week, I don't think we will have tons of leftovers so maybe just corn dogs and mac and cheese.

Most of my budget this week, honestly, is going towards our Superbowl snacks - trying to keep it simple with foods that we all enjoy and not going overboard is the key!