Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Menu!

Welcome back to what we eat :-)  Another successful week of menus last week.  The only thing that changed was the kids and I grabbed something out on Wednesday after running a few errands.  I'm not sure why I plan a meal when my husband is gone to practice . . .we usually don't eat it :-)

This week I'm trying to use items more from our Pantry/Freezer.

Monday - Baked Teriyaki Chicken, Mac and Cheese, A Canned Veggie from the pantry, Crescent Rolls

Tuesday - Simple Stroganoff, Noodles, Blueberry Muffins, and Salad

Wednesday - It's Halloween!!!  Pulled Chicken and Slaw Sliders (I am going to cook a whole chicken in the crock pot and use some of it for this - then I'll freeze the rest for Chicken and Dumplings next month).  Rainbow Jell-o Salad (at the request of Josh - he said he wanted the Rainbow Jelly hehehe), and chips

Thursday - Chicken Scaloppini, pasta, canned veggie, salad

Friday- Corn Chowder and Homemade bread

Saturday - Old Fashioned Beef Stew and Spinach Salad, rolls

Sunday -A monthly potluck at church - not sure what I'll make - probably a dessert and then . . .maybe a salad. I haven't gone there long enough to figure out the hot food situation (crock-pots, oven space, etc) so cold food is best ;-)