Saturday, January 24, 2015

Family Fun - Christmas

So, our Christmas morning started late.  With sick kids and a later night than planned plus I was up most of the night unable to stop coughing, we all ended up by the tree, ready for stockings at about 9:30.  We did not even do our traditional Christmas breakfast - just started stockings. 

 Santa left a very nice note for the boys.  It was funny because I left Santa left little nibbles from his cookies and the carrots so for the next week or so, Nate would always bring me the last corner of his Pop Tart and tell me he was just like Santa HA!
 Stockings!  I always end up buying more than what will fit.  I even cut back this year!

 The boys :-)  Still not feeling good at all but trying so hard to have a fun Christmas!
 Nate - we laughed at this photo because 5 years ago, we brought him home on Christmas Eve and, on Christmas Eve, we took photos of him inside this stocking . . .now only his foot fits!
 Joshua trying on his stocking too :-)

 Nate's gifts - lots and lots of Legos!
Josh's gifts - even more legos :-)

We really did have a great Christmas Day.  Darryl and I were surprised with some gifts - my mom always gets us Bath and Body works (she is so good at shopping the yearly clearance sales!).  My dad got us each our favorite coffee pods for the Kurieg.  Not to mention some of my favorite candles too!