Monday, October 24, 2011

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - What do you do?

I would like to think that I'm "up" on the latest things as far as technology . . .except when you consider that I don't own a flat screen or LSD TV, I do not have an Iphone, and Ipad, or anything else that starts with "I' and . . well I don't do this:
That's right, I don't tweet.  I don't even get it, actually.  And, on top of that, the tweets that post to facebook annoy me.  I wish those people that do it, would disable the feature (and yes, I know it is possible because I have a friend who did it when he realized how annoying it was!).  I did set up an account once because I was participating in a blog challenge but I don't even know what my screen name was (or whatever you call it)

So, what do I do?  I love

Yep.  I do.  Even when they do changes that I don't like and that annoy me. I still love Facebook.  I know of friends who have had problems with facebook - having it used for mean purposes but I have not.  I do have a few guidelines I try to follow.  One, I don't debate.  I don't comment on political, ethical, or questionable posts.  Recently, a friend from high school, who is now a pastor,  had posted a Biblical question on his status.  I actually had something to say but did not want to cause a debate so I just sent him an e-mail and explained my opinion.  We had a great conversation and chose to disagree on a few things - but it was private (as private as computers can be!).   I have even been known to delete a comment I write in a string if the topic becomes a debate because I don't want to be part of it.  Two, I keep things light and fun.  I don't post "dirty laundry" and I also try to remember one general thing - if I wouldn't want it said about me to the world, don't say it about others . . .even if it is funny!  I've learned that truth the hard way and won't make that mistake again.  On this same string of thought, I try to not write things on some one's wall that could cause someone else to feel left out.  It's one thing to have a simple conversation; it is another thing to invite several people over yet leave someone else out.  We never really had that problem before Facebook - you just invited people over and no one was the wiser but now, when it is so public, it is easy to feel like the odd man out.  This is especially true in Church groups.  On the flip side, I also don't take things personally.  I expect others to have close friends that don't include me just as I do.  Three, don't be mean!  Every once in awhile, someone makes me upset either by something they say on facebook or  the people who are attention getter's annoy me - they make me want to make some sarcastic comment.  I just say NO!  Don't use Facebook as a way  to vent or get even.  There are Biblical ways to handle those situations but in the very least, just walk away (or close the computer HA!).  So yes, I love Facebook.  I know of many people who have to take a break from Facebook or who delete their accounts but . . .not me :-)  I don't play games (I mean the ones on facebook!) and I don't let it control me - I just use it to stay in touch :-)

Do you know what else I do?
Do you know what is a bigger time waster then Facebook?  Yep, Pinterest HA!

So what is Pinterest - basically it is a huge selection of anything and everything - it is a giant "Favorites" board.  Instead of having to save something as a favorite or even tag it for later, you can just "Pin" it to one of your boards (you can create as many as you want and name them anything you want). 
It is a free site but you do have to be a member.  You can either go to the site and request a membership but that can take weeks to get an e-mail or you can ask someone (like me) who is already "in the know" to send you an invitation.  Then, you to can spend endless hours searching for everything from recipes, to quotes, to clothes, to decor all in one place!

So yes, that is how I waste time :-)  If you read my blog on a regular basis though, you will noticed my Pinterest Challenge Posts recently where I'm actually trying to do some of things I pin :-)

Finally, and obviously, I blog.  I started this blog over a year ago as a way to be creative; an outlet of sorts.  It can take a lot of time because I actually try to post at least once a day.  I've been working really hard to write posts 1 to 2 weeks in advance thinking it would free up some time for me to work on Scrapbooking but I've found that if I scrapbook, then I get behind on posts and if I posts, well, you get the idea :-)  But I love to do both so I'm working on making it all happen :-) 
Enjoy :-)