Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I'm Reading

I had a post planned for today but if you DON'T do the thing for that post, it is hard to write it :-)  I'll share that next week.

Instead I thought I would just mention a couple of series that I finished reading recently on my Kindle.
Chop, Chop (Chop, Chop Series - Book 1)

The first one is a series called "Chop Chop"  
I read all 7 books that are out in this series in a matter of a week and the first book, shown above, is currenlty free.  The other books are all $2.99 so it makes it very affordable.  The books are told from the view point of one of the characters and they are very well written and have a great message also.  Book 8 is supposed to be out already but it isn't, much to my disappointment.  The funny thing is when I went to the authors website, it seemed to indicate that these were great reads for teens.  Where I could see it for the first book, the rest of the books hit some deep topics (that are handled well) and I think are more geared for adults.

The other series is called Weddings by Bella 
Fools Rush In (Weddings by Bella, Book 1)
This series was a very  lighthearted fun read and I really enjoyed all three books.  As I was reading I felt part of the big Italian family and was always cheering for the characters.  Again, book one in this series is currenlty free so it is a great way to see if you actually like the series :-)

Those two series have kept me busy reading for awhile.  Right now I'm reading a stand alone book which seems to be ok so far and then I actually found a Karen Kingsbury book that was free, which surprised me. I haven't read anything by her in quite awhile so I hope it is good (after reading so many of her books in a row, I found them very predictable.)

Did you know that if you go to Amazon, you can search "Christian Fiction" and a long list of books will come up.  I then change the search relevance (on the right hand side) to "average customer review" (or something to that effect) so I can find books with the highest review rating.  Then I just start looking for free or almost free books :-) 

Have you read anything really good lately?  Even in "paper" - I can always find it for my Kindle!