Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekly Menu - Busy Lives

Things have been busier around here, or so it seems.  Our weekends have been full, many of our evenings have been full in one way or another so that just puts other things on hold!  My meal planning/cooking/grocery shopping has been give and take lately.  My weekly grocery shopping turned into a quick run to the store every single day for like 5 days HA!  I finally made it to the store this past Tuesday and shopped for a week but that throws off my menu planning.  :-)

Here's what I have for the coming week so far:

Saturday - We've gotten into a pattern of eating out on Saturday evenings BUT we will be eating lunch out today after the boys finish up at Sparks Olympics and my parents will be with us too!  So for dinner, I've planned  . . .leftovers :-) 

Sunday - Today we have a banquet at church for the main meal.  I'm taking Taco Salad and Turtle Brownies.  At home for dinner I plan on making a simple BBQ chicken Tortilla Pizza that we had last week and LOVED!

Monday - Tonight is the last night of gymnastics for this session so we get to watch the boys and see what they have learned.  We will celebrate by going to Applebees for 1/2 price burgers. 

Tuesday - Pork Chops, Loaded Cauliflower Mash, Mac and Cheese, Salad and Rolls

Since I shopped for "Tuesday-Tuesday" I don't have anything else planned at this point.  Hard to believe, though, that Easter is just around the corner!