Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where did winter go?

The other morning, I was laying on the couch and it hit me - we missed winter this year.  Now, let me back up.  Before you think I just lay around on the couch all day, it was 8:30 AM and the boys wanted me to lay down so they could cover me up with their blankets.  Trust me, I was not saying no to that . . .they went off and played and I fell asleep thought about this post.  Back to my point.  From my relaxing spot on my couch I had a great view out of our slider and could see over our garage roof to the neighbors roof and I thought about how pretty it would be to see snow falling.  And then I thought "Where did winter go?" 

Yes, I know some people (like my husband) would prefer snow on Christmas and never again but not me.  I love snow on the ground and snow filled days.  I love watching a snow storm pick up intensity outside my window and I love it even more when we are all home together.  (eh um. . .I do NOT like driving in the dark in a blizzard . .. been there, done that, won't do it again for a long time).  It seemed that this winter we had one great storm that hit during a day that we all were home.  The others came during the night or fizzled out before they really got big.  But it isn't just a good storm that I enjoy.  I also just love a day when the snow is falling softly; the kind that when it is all said and done there is only an inch or three of snow on the ground but it is just so pretty!

I also missed my kids getting to play out in it more . . .. granted putting on all of that snow gear was a little much; trying to get a 2 and 3 year old to keep gloves on was near impossible; listening to a 2 year old cry in pain because his hands were so cold was just not fun.  Despite those things, they loved being able to play in the snow and be pulled on the sleds in the yard.  We even scoped out a sledding hill early in the year thinking we would get to take the boys but the snow that did come never lasted long enough for us to get there. 

Now, don't get me wrong.  The recent unseasonably warm temps that brought out the shorts and T-shirts were great.  The normal spring days we are having now are wonderful (cold nights, chilly  days - sweatshirts and jackets. Love it!) The buds are blooming, my Willow tree is turning green, flowers are popping up (and then freezing because it is way to early!) and the grass is green.  It is beautiful.  I'm just thinking about what we missed this year by not having a "real" winter.

(Should I mention that in looking back at some photos . . .. we had snow in the middle of April last year . .. a snow storm that gave us about 3 inches of snow.  So one just never knows!)