Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekly Menu

Well, get this.  My kids are gone to my in-laws.  I originally thought they weren't going for their "week" with my in-laws until August but their calendar worked for them to come now.  So, you know what that means. . . not a whole lot of cooking going on for a few days!

Friday- Monday - The kids are at the in-laws so I'm giving myself some freedom.  I have a few recipes I "might" try or we "might" eat out/order in  . . .the decision will be made daily :-)

Tuesday - The kids come home today but it will be after my mom and I spend the day at my in-laws too.  So, we will keep it simple with Chili Dogs, Mac and Cheese and Chips.

Wednesday - Waffles and Sausage

Thursday -Beef Drip Sandwiches, Baked Potatoes, and Mac and Cheese.