Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot!

Lets start off this week with a fun, inspirational sign for the laundry room :-) I saw this idea over at Artsy Va Va and it made it chuckle.  You could easily make this (or have it made) with vinyl.

I thought these pillows from One Artsy Mama were just too cute to pass up.  I think that you could not only use them for Halloween but think of all of the kids books that have Monsters (fun ones of course!) in them that these would go along with too!

This next idea comes from I heart Crafty Things and is an idea that is based on a children's book.  I just loved it too much not to share.  Plus, besides this idea, she also has several other Pumpkin inspired books/ideas too so make sure and check out other posts too!

Ok, we are all talking about Pinterest and this idea from Dukes and Duchesses is just beyond a lightbulb moment.  When she is making dinner to take to a friend or looking for a birthday gift idea, she goes that friends boards on Pinterest to get ideas which is how she came up with this gift idea - click on the link to read exactly what she did!

I know that last year I posted and idea for making a pumpkin out of dryer vent tubing.  Well, this idea from Mommy x 3 = Insanity takes it a step further, making it a wreath and I just think it is so cute!

One of my favorites, Oopsey Daisy has posted a great idea called the "13 Nights of Halloween" and she even graciously provided the printables needed.

This post over at Too Much Time on my Hands has several great things going on - first is her idea for making the scrabble tiles.  Within the post she gives a link showing how to use carbon paper on projects and she also shared a tip about getting wood scraps at Home Depot - I wonder if Lowes has the same type of scrap bin?

I would love to decorate more for Halloween - I just think it is a fun Holiday (Yes, I know there are vastly differant opinions on this but I think sometimes it is how you were raised and what things have impacted your life).  So when I saw this idea over at Burton Avenue I wanted to save the idea here! 

Here's an original idea from A Law Students Journey for football season.  I think there are super fun and, if we actually attended football games I would have to make a pair!

Weekly Pinterest Challenge #2

You can check out my previous Pinterest success/failures in challenges by clicking HERE!

This week, I decided to do something with hand prints for our family decor.  I found this idea through pinterest at Tip Junkie and really liked it.  I've seen a few other hand print ideas but this one actually represants our whole family right where we are now.  It is "billed" as a Father's Day gift but I decided that doing it now was perfect because my boys are both approaching birthdays.  I may re-do this every year - how fun would that be?  Than add the previous years page to our scrapbook! 

Here's the original photo:

First, I dug through my scrapbook paper and decided to go with paper from dark to light.

The next step is the hardest . . . I traced every one's hands.

I decided to attach the hands to an actually scrapbook page and I want to purchase an Everyday Display to use as the frame as it will hold a 12 x 12 page (or lots of pictures!) and make it the center of my photo wall (which I want to update too!)  Here's my final product:
I wonder if, eventually, my hand will have to be the top hand because the boys will have larger hands?  I really love this keepsake - such a great way to save a moment!