Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Things My Kids say

Ok, I'm cleaning out my "drafts" folder and came across this post that apparently never posted.  It is from summer 2012.  I laughed out loud as I read some of these and was reminded of WHY I should be writing stuff done - I had already forgotten some of these awesome things. 

I thought I would share some of the fun things my kids are saying/doing - I know it makes me laugh to read posts like this on other blogs plus, you start to realize that YOUR life is normal :-)

Nathan - he likes to hand me stuff and say, "You please hold this for me mom" and walks away

Nathan - He loves to play catch . . He throws whatever he is holding (a cup, a matchbox car, a drumstick) and as it sails through the air at your head, he yells "CATCH" and then laughs when it hits your face.  He doesn't quite understand that you should yell catch before you throw!!

Joshua - The other day, we were all going to go in the pool.  Joshua informed me that he wanted to put on his own swim suit and underwear - he told me I had to go outside for him to do it.  I went out and sat in the pool and waited and waited.  Finally, Josh came walking out, buck naked, carrying is shorts and said "Mom, I can't do it - they keep getting all backward on me." LOLOLOL 

Nathan - I asked him what he was doing downstairs.  He said "Nothing mom" . . .scary words coming from someone who just spent 15 minutes in the basement. 

Nathan - When asked where a marble was he was playing with . . his response was "In my tummy" AHHHHH  (We think we found the marble on the floor so all is good)

Joshua - Joshua made me breakfast the other morning.  It consisted of 4 slices of plain white bread.  I hate plain white bread but he was so proud!  I managed to hide two pieces and then toasted the other two and made some eggs.  He also "made eggs" by putting water in a pan.  It was all good until he took one of my pieces of toast and dunked it in the water.  As it got all mushy and was falling apart, he shoved it in his mouth and said "Yum, this is good". I almost threw-up.

Joshua - when we drive over bridges, he looks out his window and yells "Hello down there" LOLOL

Both Boys - For Easter, we put a pair of flip flops in each of the boys Easter baskets thinking they would enjoy them in the hot summer.  Well, they did not want anything to do with until a week or so ago when they walked around carrying their "Cric Crocs" and asking me to put them on.  Yep, Cric Crocs . . .and their other summer shoes, can you guess?  Are just plain old crocs HA!