Monday, June 8, 2015

Make It Monday - A Graduation Album

This past week I spent several days working on a graduation album for my nephew. 
I've done these for each of my nephews and nieces when they graduated.  They include photos of the graduate with different family members.
Also, each member of the family, writes a letter to the graduate.  I get the privilege of reading all of the letters and they are fabulous. 
This year, just about everyone e-mailed me their letters so I used my scrapbooking software to turn them into some great pages with lots of visual interest. 

I also"made" this:
This is my new scrapbook area.  I had to do something so I could get back into getting our family photos into albums.  I put this to good use working on Breadon's book - it was so easy to work on the project with my supplies so handy!