Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 Word of the Year

Several years ago I read a post on a blog about choosing a word for the year.  I loved the concept and have picked one each year since even if I didn't always share them on my blog for various reasons.  Over the last couple of months I've spent some time thinking about what I would like next year to look like; where I would like to be at the end of the year.  Being that I'm a goal setter, this is a great way to help me focus on specific areas in order to accomplish, well, things.  I find that without goals or a plan I don't accomplish nearly as much!

I actually have two words to focus on for 2019.  The first is a word I've chosen for the past several years because I feel it is that important for me and my life.  That word is :

One of my mantras in my life now is to "not let anyone steal my joy".  It's really easy to allow people and/or circumstances to steal joy but if the initial focus in the mind is to not let that happen, it is harder for that to happen.  Notice I said harder?  Yes, it does still happen but I find if I look for the positive in all things, I am happier.  If I am happier, so is my family.  Last year I started to ask my little family each night at dinner to tell me one good or positive thing from their day.  Do you know what?  That was hard for everyone.  It was easier for my kids and my husband to tell the bad things; the things that went wrong or that they didn't like.  Especially at the beginning of this project.  The more I asked though, the more they were able to say something good - even as small as "I slept in" or "Mom got my cereal".  I also worked with them at finding the good even in difficult situations.  If they had things to, well, complain about, I would listen to their struggle but then ask them if there was anything positive about the situation?  Do you now what?  That's hard.  It's hard for adults and harder for kids but I would help them find something (even if it was "I don't have to see that person for a whole week!" HA!)  It always amazing to me at how much other people try to zap someone's happiness.  Sometimes I don't think it is intentional but sometimes it is and that's sad.  So yes ----
------- not just today, but every single day even when it is hard.

I wanted to add to this though.  To challenge myself to focus on something else too.  So, I picked
Where am I going with this, you wonder?  Allow me to tell you.  I want to add strength in all areas of my life. By the end of 2019 I would like to be stronger in my health, my home, our finances, with my children and my husband.  I'd like to be "stronger" in my goals by accomplishing some key things and to be stronger at completing some projects.  I think by focusing on being stronger gives it a more positive spin  - it make an end product more exciting because basically to gain strength means that you can handle more tomorrow than you  can today because you built on where you are today.  Like running - you don't start by running 10 miles, you have to work up to that point by laying out a plan, practicing, and working hard.  I feel like my unintentional word in 2018 was "flounder" - I feel like I floundered in a lot of areas; I just "got by" instead of really working to accomplish things.  I got lost in my head; in circumstances; in the ugliness that is life sometimes. 

What about you?  Do you have a word that you want to focus on this coming year?