Sunday, December 15, 2013

Things My Kids Say

* Nate got sick in the middle of the night last week; I heard him up and got up to meet him at the bathroom.  He nonchalantly walked past me and said, "Mom, I puked so you need to wash my big blanket.  I just need to wipe my face and go back to bed.  As he carefully wiped his chin . . .not noticing that his PJ's . . well, he had a bigger mess on his hands.  Poor little guy : -(

* I asked Nate what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, thinking he would say chocolate or vanilla.  No, his reply was, "I want a pony or rocket or maybe a bunny - you know, mom, the kind we see at the store. Lets go to the store and buy one." LOL  I love how he thinks.

*Nate looked at me one morning as I came out of the bathroom (he had been waiting for me . . . .) and said, "Mom, that was a long shower.  I used to take long showers when I was a grown up like you too.".   Where does he come up with this stuff???

* At the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse they sing "The Hot Dog Song."  Nate stood up and said, "Everyone is singing and dancing, including I!!" LOL  Then he danced. :-)

*Josh is my perfectionist.  So, sickness is not on his list of "perfect things".  This past week he has also been hit with the flu but anytime I say, "Well, you feel like that because you got sick last night."  He'll respond with, "Mom, I'm not sick, I just . . . drank too much water, ate too much dinner, was too hot, was scared of something in the room  . ..  .(you get the idea)".  It makes me snicker . . .someday he will accept that being sick doesn't impact his "perfectness" LOL