Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weekly Menu - the one where we try to recover from going over budget HA!

So, with the ladies tea last week and needing to buy extra groceries to feed "a crowd", I went slightly over what I had budgeted.  With that in mind, I'm trying to plan this weeks menu in a fashion to come in under the grocery budget so that I can throw the extra back into our expense "account" for other things.  It's just what I would LIKE to do - we'll see if it happens.

If you are observant, you will notice that I'm shifting the menu by one day.  I'm now shopping on Thursday evening every other week so I need to have Thursday's meal already planned.

Friday - Seriously, didn't I just say we were trying to recover from last week - well it is a good thing I budget money for dinner out HA!  My husband has the weekend off so we will order dinner in for a "date night" after the kids go to bed.  I might even try to talk him into a Movie from Rebox . . .we'll see!

Saturday - We are celebrating Mother's Day today due to a concert tomorrow so my husband is cooking dinner!  The menu is  - Hamburgers on the grill and FINALLY using my new deep fryer and making french fries  (I forgot to buy potatoes two weeks ago OOPS!) and, if I get the recipe from a friend, Asian Cole Slaw.  I'm not sure what to do for desert - I'm thinking Strawberry shortcake (using strawberries I froze last summer - almost time to do some more!) w/homemade ice cream!

Sunday - As of this writing, we are all planning to go to Darryl's concert together.  That means we will go through a drive through after church and head home.  I think for dinner, we'll try Chicken Gyros.

Monday - Brats and Mac and Cheese, and Asparagus.

Tuesday - It's Taco night again but we are going to do Oven baked fajitas instead . . kinda like tacos :-) Tonight is Ladies Meeting - I plan on Taking Spinach Queso Dip, Nutella Dip and I might do those ham/cream cheese wraps just because they are also a great snack to have around home too.

Wednesday - Our go to meal - breakfast.  Sausage Gravy, Biscuits and fruit.  If Darryl ends up being home, I'll cook up some potatoes too.

Thursday - Darryl will be home today so, I think I'll make him grill.  BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and biscutis sounds good to me :-)

I'm also hoping to pick up some fun drink stuff.  Now, we don't drink alcohol but I do love "virgin" mixed drinks.  I saw a non-alcoholic Sangria on the food network I want to try; and I also love a good Cream Soda/Limeade drink too.  Not to mention Orange Juice, Diet Sprite and some smooshed strawberries YUM!  I try to drink lots and lots and lots of water but when I sit down on a mommy break, a "drink" sure is nice - especially as it warms up outside!