Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I've been lagging on my blogging.  No reason, just haven't typed anything up.  I stopped planning my posts for the month and then sit and stare at the computer at night or just forget to post all together!  Oops :-)

So here is some randomness for you:

1) I made a calendar in February to plan out accomplishing my goals.  I made it through February 4th before I got behind and once I got behind, I never looked at it again!!

2) We finally, after two years of planning and looking, bought new living room furniture.  We don't actually have it yet though because, well, they can't get it in!!!!  Our gate into our yard is frozen shut/snowed in!!  So this weekend we will be working on breaking up the ice and digging out the snow so it will open.  We are ready for that big delivery.

3) I haven't planned March goals yet but we will be working on redoing the rest of the living room. 

4) I made one of the best dinners ever on Tuesday night . . yes, the recipe will be coming up on Friday!

5) I made two not so great recipes this weekend. . . one was a knock-off of a Starbucks drink.  It wasn't so awful . . just not my taste . . too flowery.  The lemon pudding cake almost made me throw up though.  For real.

6)  I let my kids play their favorite video game during the day just so I can have a place to sit in the living room.  (Since they play in their bedroom)

7.)  That's all :-)

Here's what you can look forward to:
The weekly menu
A recap of Darryl's birthday (a little behind on that one!)
Things my kids say (You may want to skip this one . . .I have two boys and they like gross things)