Monday, October 9, 2017

October Goals

I'm behind on posting (and maybe writing) my October Goals.  I'll blame it on this.
What?  It's fall and it's pretty so it's distracting me!

Really, my mind has been overwhelmed lately.  So much stuff just rolling around in my noggin' and I've had a hard time focusing on getting it onto paper.  I've been working on a schedule for our days and yet it hasn't quite come to fruition yet.  I feel like I finally have our school day working so now I'm trying to figure out how to get other stuff done in the day too!

So, yesterday, I filled two sheets of paper, front and back, with everything from what I need to do today to songs I'd like to sing, to projects that need to get done.  I did what I call a Brain Dump.  No order, no list, just sprawled handwriting of everything that popped into my brain  . .. everything that's been floating around in there for weeks that I keep forgetting to do.

This month I don't have a pretty list but I do have a few "I hope's" . .

1) I hope that we can get the yard cleaned up and everything put away for winter.  (Darryl actually started on that yesterday)
2) I hope that we can get the garage cleaned up and things stored away properly. 
3) I hope to give Josh a good, fun birthday celebration, to plan Nate's birthday celebration in December, to plan our Christmas (from gift lists to activities) month, and to plan Thanksgiving.
4) I hope to have a fun weekend scrapbooking at the end of the month - accomplishing some tasks such as finishing up year 2014, filing memorabilia in such a way that I can add it to albums, updating the each of the boys albums. and putting into place a way to scrapbooking 2018 better.
5) I hope to do some more cleaning out and organizing.   

6) I hope to enjoy one last trip to my happy place while camping soon (Ok, this isn't a hope - I will be at the beach while camping AND while scrapbooking HA!)

7) And I PLAN to enjoy my favorite season!  Fall!  Pumpkins, Apples, Donuts, Cider, fall color, and more!