Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tot Time - Apples Apples week 2

Before sharing what we did this past week, I want so share some really cute ideas that you could use with your kids.  The would make great Rainy Day or Saturday activities too! 

This is a super cute counting game just right for the season from The Princess and the Tot.  The best part?  She supplies the printable!  (Yes, another adventure basket activity we will be doing in October!)
The Princess and the Tot also shares some great ideas in a post about the letter "D" - I really like the color matching activity she shows using the Dot-to-Dot markers.

My kids were at my parents part of this week so we didn't get through as many of the items from Apples unit so I am going to carry it over to next week and skip the Leaves unit for now. 

Today I had planned to pick back up with some of our Apple pages but, my kids found some games I had hidden  put on the shelf so we played with those instead.

This game is called "Colorama" and there are a bunch of different ways to play.  Today, I just let Josh match up the shapes to the board.  He matched color to color too so it was great!

This game is called "Lucky Ducks" and the point is that the kids are to pick a duck (they move around in the water) and if it matches the shape that they are sitting in front of, they keep the duck, otherwise they put it back.  The first person to 3 wins.  Granted, they just liked putting the ducks on and then slapping them across the room!

Nate figured out Colorama - he could match shape to shape but didn't worry about color. 

This is Nate trying to play and Josh saying "Mine, Mine, Mine" Yes - we are in THAT stage!

We also played an ABC matching game but I didn't get any photos. 

After lunch, Josh and I went outside while the little boys napped.  I took my Bible and Notebook outside to have my devotions.  Once I had written down my verses for the day, this is what happened:

Isn't that awesome?  Josh took my Bible and sat on the porch for a good 30 minutes just going through it page by page.  I told my accountability group today that as much as I like to have my quiet time be ... . quite, I also think that having my devotions in front of my kids, where they can ask me what I'm doing, take my Bible, and even draw in my devotional journal is a way to teach them by example.  How else will they know that I spend time with God daily if they don't see it?? 

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Weekly Menu - September 24

Hello once again!  Been a crazy few days so I'm kinda scrambling to get this posted!  I had wanted to post a link to my actual menu and to recipes but . . .well, I just want to get it up for you to see :-) 

Saturday - Today was my Mother-in-law's 70th birthday party so we all went out to eat at a great Italian place . . .well the food was great, the service was lacking . . .but the family time made up for it!

Sunday -  Chicken Thighs, Mac and Cheese, Peas, Biscuits for lunch; Paula's Chicken Nuggets, left over dips from the family party (that we didnt' use - long story).

Monday - Just the kids and I so Buttermilk Waffles, Sausages and Low Fat Grape Salad

Tuesday - I will be gone all day Scrapbooking but I'm leaving Amish Breakfast Casserole and Overnight Coffee Cake for my mom to cook for the family.  Plus there were be Grape Salad left.

Wednesday - Stuffed Shells with Cheese, Garlic Bread, and left over salad or veggies depending on what we have left from the week

Thursday: Chicken Alfredo Pizza, Pillsbury Breadsticks

Friday: A friend of mine is scheduled to deliver her baby at the end of the week so we are planning on visit the new little bean as well as attending Art Prize so we will grab something quick and cheap to eat!

That's it this week - a little boring, actually!