Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Menu

So, did I mention last week that I'm in love with my new plan?  Well, I am!  This weeks menu was a huge success and, because I was making things that I know well several nights of the week, it made it easy to cook.  I've also been diligent to save left overs so we can eat those on Sunday night (I hate cooking on Sunday evening!)  plus I also made a double batch of both the root beer pulled pork and shrimp so I have those two meals in the freezer.  I like to use those meals around the holidays when I'm busy cooking other things like pies, cookies and fun food to serve. 

We have a very busy week coming up - we have something going every single day Monday-Sunday.  It isn't often that we get weeks like this so we will just enjoy it!

Monday - Josh turns 4 today and we are having the grandparents over for a little party.  Since he is four and really enjoys certain foods I wanted the meal to be mostly about his likes.  We are having Chili Dogs and I'm going to make homemade Hot Dog Chili to use on the dogs, Plain Hot dogs for those that don't like Chili Dogs, Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad and Pumpkin Pie Dip with Apples. Then we will have Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate frosting (per Josh's request) and Vanilla Ice Cream.  YUM!!

Tuesday - On this day we get Josh's 4 year photos taken!  Dinner tonight will be Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin, sauteed cabbage and bacon and Thanksgiving Stuffing (both side recipes are new!)

Wednesday - Tonight my husband has practice so it is just the boys and I for dinner. I'm planning Skinny Swedish Meatballs over Noodles. My boys both like meatballs and noodles so hopefully they will eat well :-)  I made this recipe once before but I don't think I ever shared it.  This will be my "test" - if it isn't good, I won't share it HA!

Thursday - Guess what?  I'm done cooking for the week!  YIPPEE!!  Tonight we are going to the Fall Festival in our little town.  They do trick-or-treating down main street with lots of activities and a Chili Dog Contest. We will either get Chili Dogs for Dinner or stop and get a pizza on the way home.  It is usually determined by how cold it is outside!! (Who wants to sit outside freezing eating a hot dog??)

Friday - Our church is having a harvest party tonight and yes, there will be food ;-)  I signed up for dessert so I plan to make a couple of kinds of cookies to take (in a disposable container) so I don't have to worry about bringing anything home!

Saturday - Ok, I lied.  I am cooking brunch today.  I'm going to make biscuits and sausage gravy (I can't believe I haven't shared this recipe either!!) and eggs.  We'll then be heading to the zoo for the Zoo Boo as part one of Josh's birthday weekend.  Dinner will be out - not 100% sure where. The kids just want chicken and Fries so as long as the restaurant serves that we are good ;-)  (We are leaning towards our favorite Mexican place but we'll see!)

Sunday - We will still be celebrating with Josh so lunch will be out, again, not sure where yet.  For Dinner- frozen pizza's will be waiting for us :-) 

WOW!  So busy but so much fun :-)  Looking forward to a great week!